Contract Manufacturing – Product to Customer

Contract Manufacturing – Freeing you to focus on your next vision while enjoying the success of this product.

Whether you have utilized our services or independently completed ideation/prototyping and product development, RbM is ready to take that design and deliver it to your customers.  If your product was developed outside RbM’s product development process, we will perform a quick review to ensure that elements regarding manufacturability (e.g., equipment identification, test sets, component and material specification, etc…) have been addressed.

Our preparations for contract manufacturing of your entire product package will include establishing the methodology for:
  • Document and Data Control, including Bills of Material and future Changes
  • Supplier Selection
  • Purchasing
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Component Inventory Control
  • Work Instructions
  • Nonconforming Product
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Product Testing
  • Product Identification and Traceability
  • Finished Goods Inventory Management
  • Delivery Logistics

All of this will be clearly outlined in a quality plan detailing the roles and responsibilities between you, RbM, and any other involved entity.  After it is clear what we are to do and how we are to do it for you, your product will transfer to our production and manufacturing area.  This is where your vision will come to life!

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