Ideation, Discovery and Prototyping – Vision to Prototype

  • Ideation - the process of forming and relating ideas. It is a concept utilized in the study of heuristic behavior, creativity, innovation, design thinking and concept development.  (Wikipedia)
    Ideation, discovery, technical concept and brainstorming

  • Concept research, feasibility assessment and prototyping

  • Intellectual property identification and protection

  • Initial regulatory assessment and roadmap development
Starting with nothing more than a vision in your mind, we can provide technical concept brainstorming and prototyping assistance.  We thrive on creative technical brainstorming, balancing blue-sky creativity with the reality of cost, time-to-market, function and efficacy.  Once the idea takes form, a prototype will be assembled and we’ll work with you to refine the concept and develop the requirements for the actual product.  As we exit this phase, we will establish a commercialization plan that will utilize our Product Development, Regulatory Compliance, Contract Manufacturing and Product Support services to carry your Vision to Commercial Success.  

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