Product Development – Prototype to Product

Product Development – In conjunction with Ideation and Prototyping, it is the first stage in generating and commercializing your vision within overall product life cycle management.

Whether it is a simple single-component injection-molded device, HPLC system, radiation monitoring instrument1, or a complex medical imaging system, we have the capabilities and expertise to take your product vision and engineer a cost-effective and reliable product that creates customer delight. 

RbM Services uses a process driven approach2 to Product Development that starts with the establishment of a set of requirements, based on the output from the Ideation and Prototyping phase or from your own internal prototyping phase.

  • Project Management
  • Design and Development Plan – Overall project organization structure
  • Regulatory Compliance roadmap for worldwide distribution
  • Product Requirements and Industrial Design – Creation of Design Input, usage research, appearance, ergonomics, human factors, safety
  • Product Risk Management
  • Engineering – Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Software
  • Packaging of the Design Output to enable efficient Product Lifecycle Support
  • Manufacturing Engineering – Test-set design, Design for Manufacturability, component and material specification

1 Our State of Tennessee RAM (radioactive materials) license provides us the proper framework to design, test, and validate radiation producing and detection products.

2 RbM’s quality system has procedures in place to address the development process from planning & requirements identification through to validation and transfer to manufacturing.  If you have your own product development methodology, RbM can follow that process or a combination of yours and ours. 

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