Areas of Expertise

Where Passions And Skillsets Align

Beyond general engineering and manufacturing expertise, the RbM team has extensive experience in specialized areas found in many medical devices. Beyond general electromechanical experience, we have participated in the development and manufacturing of devices in specialized areas including Electromechanical, Nuclear Medicine, and X-Ray and Particle Accelerators.

The RbM Services team has both electrical and mechanical engineering staff. Collectively, the team has a long history of leading and participating in the development and manufacturing of electromechanical devices.
Nuclear Medicine Devices
The RbM team has extensive experience with Nuclear Medicine Devices, including both medical imaging and radioisotope production/handling devices. These experiences range from multi-pixel nuclear detector development and manufacturing to automated patient radioisotope dose delivery systems.
X-Ray and Particle
Accelerator Systems

RbM staff has an extensive background in X-ray systems, including high voltage generators up to 120Kv at 1 kilowatt. In addition, our team has decades of experience with Cyclotrons and Linear Accelerators. This includes building and testing high power RF amplifiers, high voltage power supplies, high current magnet power supplies, high vacuum systems, and targetry assembly/testing. 

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